Reasons Why You Should Play Minecraft? It’s free!


Minecraft is a virtual world game created as an Independent video game at first by Swedish Programmer Marcus Persson and was later published by the game developing company ‘Mojang’. In May 17, 2009, the developers launched the game’s alpha version for the PC s and the updated full release was done on November 18, 2011.But you can now play Minecraft also in Android and IOS versions. Minecraft was launched for Xbox 360; co- developed by the game developing studio 4J Studios on May 9, 2012. This fun game is available for free on this website,!

ImageYou can play Minecraft by building constructions out of 3D textured cubes in algorithmically generated world .This game increases your creative and building power along with your urge for gathering resources ,exploring ,crafting and combating. There are two modes in which you can play Minecraft for free. One is the single player mode and the other is the multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode is created by hosting servers and communicating with each other where each one is having a single world to play with. Either you can host a server where you can invite players to come and play with or you can join a server hosted by someone else.
In order to play Minecraft you can choose any of the following modes:Survival Mode
Creative Mode

  • Survival Mode – In this mode of game the players have to collect natural resources from the environment in order to create certain blocks and items. There is a big map in the game and depending upon the difficulty level in which the player is playing the monsters sprung up from the shady places on the maps. So in order to defend themselves from these monsters players need to build shelters. There is a health bar for the player which is exhausted by attacks from monsters and other natural causes like starvation, suffocation etc.


  • Creative Mode – This mode of the game is totally emphasized to the creativity of the player. The player can have access to all the items and resources through the inventory menu and his job is only confined to building and constructing large projects.

There is also a hunger bar present which is increased if the player consumes food in the game. There are many items present in the game which helps the player to do different activities like hunting, crafting and making weapons. There is also another variant of this game mode to play Minecraft, which is the hardcore mode. In this mode there is no option for the player to restart without losing his whole virtual world. For more detailed information, please visit wikipedia.

From the ver. 1.3, a new mode was added to play which is the Adventure Mode. In this mode, user crafted maps and adventures are included and the game play is kept similar to the survival mode. The changes made are the disability to place and destroy blocks without appropriate tools. Overall, the game can be said to give a true gaming experience to both amateur as well as professional gamers.